Ricardo Maduro Design

RckMad Design LLC

by Ricardo Maduro

Mattress Safe – DDC Catalog

Managed the brand redesign for the “Designer Décore Collection” for the hospitality industry. Oversaw product photoshoots, image selection, and retouching. Updated the brand and modernized flyer layouts, leading to a new print and digital catalog and website. DDCBedding.com IllustratorPhotoshop

Mattress Safe – Promotion Flyer

Designed a flyer that promotes the benefits of Mattress Safe encasements products in preventing bed bug infestations in the wake of a bed bug crisis in Paris, France. Illustrator

Mattress Safe – Christmas Enews

An image for the Christmas Newsletter was distributed to all the company’s customers. The image, portraying a family of bed bugs, was ingeniously designed to endorse their encasements. These encasements, products of the company, are designed to offer protection against bed bug infestations. Illustrator